BlueCamroo is a powerful yet flexible SaaS business software designed to empower SMBs. It not only supports businesses as they grow, but truly grows with them as their needs evolve.

Businesses are using multiple stand-alone software solutions to run their day-to-day operations, leading to fragmented data across multiple systems, requiring different logins, with different UI’s, training needs, disjointed support and creating security challenges, making it easy to get overwhelmed.

Using a single business solution to replace multiple benefits everyone from the Executive team to the Employees. Executives gain transparency and insight to the inner workings of their business and the ability to view the whole business’s performance at a glance, and on-demand. Employees gain access to the information they need to effectively perform their jobs. All are offered a true picture of a client’s lifecycle, helping them sell and support them better, making it easier to gather information for future sales, and simply build better relationships with customers.

BlueCamroo combines CRM, Project Management, Customer Support, Time Tracking, Expense Management, Billing, Social CRM, Email Marketing, Business Workflow/Process Automation and other essential business services in an affordable business solution. All of BlueCamroo’s independent features have been architected to work as part of a fully-integrated system, allowing information to flow seamlessly throughout all of the system’s available free or paid extensions.

BlueCamroo is offered through a unique, industry-first User-Role subscription model which allows companies to pick and choose single or multiple user roles for their team members ensuring that they are only paying for the features that each user needs to do their job. Each user’s role is associated with hand-picked feature sets and corresponding subscription plans:

- CRM Free
- Sales & Marketing
- Projects
- Support
- Complete

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