kintone is a collaborative cloud service where you can build and customize apps using drag-and-drop in 3 minutes.
Share data with real-time charts and apps with the team in the workspace, and collaborate with partners with kintone's guest workspace.

The Box for kintone integration allows you to embed box into any of your kintone apps, to give you quick access to documents for your collaboration needs.
• Embed Box into your project management app, so that your team can keep track of your project's status while sharing the necessary files for each project securely.
• Embed Box into apps that you are sharing with external users, to keep collaboration with large files organized.
• Embed Box into your Sales CRM, so that the documents related to that customer are kept in one place, while leveraging kintone's workflow features.

To use Box for kintone, click "Add" in your kintone portal or space to add an app, and select "Create App from Scratch".
Next, follow the below instructions to link your Box account to your kintone app.