Deploy traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) application on Box with Crooze.

Typical applications include: Document Management, Controlled Documents, Contracts, Digital Asset Management (DAM), Technical Documents, Collateral, Quality Documentation just to name a few.

In many applications folder structures are too cumbersome for users to navigate. Adding metadata allows users to get to content in just a few clicks. Metadata also supports many critical business processes within your Enterprise. For example, metadata can tell you when documents need to be reviewed or what documents are confidential.

The initial bulk addition of metadata to documents and the on going maintenance of metadata can be expensive, time consuming and a barrier to implementing metadata based solutions.


Metadata Tools and PowerSearch for Box allows you to dramatically improve the productivity, responsiveness and compliance of your organization while reducing the effort to add/maintain metadata up to 95%.

- Quickly configure applications and solutions that help users get their work done without any programming.
- Send notifications based on metadata. For example send a list of contracts that expire in 30 days to your contract Administrator.
- Provide advanced metadata features like thumbnails, export and import metadata using excel, virtual folders, multi-valued attributes and custom columns.
- Upload content to Box with metadata with the option to auto-populate metadata.
- Add new metadata to existing documents one at a time or in bulk.
- Edit existing metadata by editing single documents or bulk applying metadata to many documents.
- Avoid the costs of having to design, build and deploy and then maintain a solution. In addition you can rapidly respond to changing user requirements.

Take your Box implementation beyond File Sync & Sharing.

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