The AT&T Cybersecurity AlienApp for Box enables you to automate threat detection and incident response between AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) Anywhere and Box environments, helping you investigate and contain Box security threats quickly. When USM Anywhere alerts you to potential threats such as credential abuse, data exfiltration, or malware infection within your Box deployments, you can launch a response action within Box directly from the alarm in USM Anywhere.

The AlienApp for Box enables Box security monitoring within the same console as the rest of your critical IT environments across the cloud and on premises.

With the AlienApp for Box, you can detect and respond to Box security threats such as:
Password spraying against Box Enterprise
Successful brute force authentication attacks
Ransomware and other malware infections
Data exfiltration or sharing with a known malicious host
Anomalous user activities that could indicate an attack

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