Ascema is a new technology for locating, securing and controlling the movement of sensitive data and intellectual property within cloud collaboration environments, email systems and more. Ascema protects critical content, not just documents. Our patented technology protects your high value information by intervening when critical content is detected. Ascema also offers powerful management visualisation tools, for increased real-time security and is also integrated popular SIEMs like HP ArcSight Logger.

Rather than manually protect each file, you can provide Ascema with proforma documents or templates you would like to always protect setting an intervention level from one of the available. After this, Ascema will automatically classify and protect content within documents of this type anywhere they show up on your protected systems.

The development of our innovative Smart Workflow coupled with the simplicity of our User Interface ensures that we protect your critical content seamlessly without interrupting your day to day business processes.

3 steps to add content to the vault
1. Right click a file and choose Protect With Ascema
2. Choose the intervention level (Quarantine, Block, Block External, Alert, Track)
3. Click add to vault - your critical content is now protected

3 steps to automated classification
1. Right click a template and choose Protect With Ascema
2. Name the classification and choose the intervention level
3. Click add - all matching documents are now classified on upload and critical content is protected in the vault

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  • Protect With Ascema: Add a file or contents of a folder to the Ascema Vault