CloudLock for Box is a cloud-native CASB solution that harnesses crowd-sourced, actionable cybersecurity intelligence to enable enterprises to securely leverage Box for their most sensitive data. CloudLock combats account compromises, cloud malware, and data breaches while facilitating compliance and incident forensics through a frictionless, API-based approach that deploys in minutes and has zero impact on end users. CloudLock secures Box along with other SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and IDaaS environments in a single console, while providing unparalleled coverage of cloud traffic.

Our customers rave about:
Powerful pre-built policies for immediate sensitive and compliance-related content detection
Flexible and automated response actions in the case of a policy violation
Policy-driven, automated file-level encryption as well as user-driven encryption
Intelligent user and entity behavior analytics
Cross-platform security intelligence for Box, Salesforce, Google Apps, Dropbox, ServiceNow, Slack, and many others
Deployed to over 750 organizations globally, CloudLock is trusted to secure mission-critical Box environments worldwide.

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