Having committed yourself to capturing the benefits of cloud content management with BOX, now comes the task of migrating all of your content from on-premises file shares to the cloud. CIMCON provides an automated tool that can assist in this migration, whether you are managing the project in conjunction with the Box Shuttle Team or using your own IT resources.

The Challenge: Excel spreadsheets and other end-user-controlled applications such as models built with Python or R scripts are frequently used in critical business processes. More often than not, these important files are connected to other spreadsheets and/or location dependent data sources. When the Excel files are moved to the cloud, these data links can “break”, thus rendering the file inoperable or even worse, operable but erroneous. In either case, there is a high potential to cause significant business disruption. Because these critical files represent a small fraction of everything to be migrated to Box, identifying them amongst the millions if not tens of millions of files is difficult. It is the proverbial hunt for the needle in the haystack and you have many, many haystacks.

The Solution: A high speed, secure scanning of network drives and file shares to identify the files that have a high “migration risk”. Commodity scanning tools can’t do the job as you need to know more than just the file properties. You need to be able to understand not only which files have links and how many, you need to be able to determine whether those links are absolute or relative. Furthermore, the project team has to be able to do this at scale recognizing that the file owners don’t know much more about the complexity of all of their files than you do. Once the files with high migration risk have been identified, you can segment them for special handling such as link remediation and/or delay in migration. For more information visit CIMCON’s cloud content migration page at

With a proven, twenty-year track record, CIMCON Software is the market leader in spreadsheet and EUC risk management and controls. In addition to the file migration tool, CIMCON’s integration with Box enables more effective controls of the business-critical EUCs being stored on Box. This is accomplished without sacrificing any of the flexibility that end users have come to expect from Excel and their other end-user controlled applications. To gain a more detailed understanding of EUC risk and how to mitigate it, ask for the whitepaper entitled; “Taming the Spreadsheet Menace” by contacting CIMCON here.